Module Name: OSINT HUMINT Profile Collector
Module path: recon/profiles-profiles/profiler


Name: OSINT HUMINT Profile Collector
Path: modules/recon/profiles-profiles/
Author: Micah Hoffman (@WebBreacher)

Takes each username from the profiles table and searches a variety of web sites for those users.

Name Current Value Required Description
SITE_DB /usr/share/recon-ng/data/profiler_sites.json yes JSON file containing known sites and response codes
SOURCE default yes source of input (see 'show info' for details)

Source Options:
default SELECT DISTINCT username FROM profiles WHERE username IS NOT NULL
<string> string representing a single input
<path> path to a file containing a list of inputs
query <sql> database query returning one column of inputs

* Note: The global timeout option may need to be increased to support slower sites.
* Warning: Using this module behind a filtering proxy may cause false negatives as some of these sites may be blocked.